How to design the office concept of the future?

Before thinking in office design in a future perspective, probably we should think about the effective supports which can the companies have regarding to them brand, strategy , culture and most importantly them people.

Based on many face to face meeting we have done with people work in the same environment, they say that their best work experience is tried to have a team connection and delivering the best value for the clients amid fast-paced schedules and increase mobility we return to the office to connect with colleagues and integrate to the teamwork culture and that’s because building culture builds business value.

We should bring people together where we work, and that’s make a powerful impact on our clients’ employees and recruits, and now in anticipation of the changing needs of the people, we are taking our next-generation workplace concept to the next level with an exciting new design created specifically for our more mobile teams with this new design we’re establishing a destination within the office that is more flexible and less formal offering a multitude of choices of where and how to work.

The newly enhanced next-generation workplace is composed of some primary work-spaces that together provide the range and balance of settings necessary to support what we do, those places such as social areas for face-to-face connection to import ideas together, also teaming areas to host a wide variety of work sessions acoustically tailored privacy areas to support discreet conversations and quiet areas with individual seating for focused work.

this new and exciting evolution of our next-generation workplace supports relationship building and collaboration features such as centrally located cafe tables and other casual settings allow our people to easily engage in social events and reconnect with colleagues in a dynamic environment with a variety of teaming spaces provides options for size privacy tools and Technology.

Instant connection is a necessity in today’s work space and our new next-generation workplace design for mobile teams is built to support that reality but because always connected does not mean always public the new space includes a variety of sound insulated spaces, so our people can always find the privacy.

We need delight understands that sometimes concentration rather than privacy is imperative, and our people need to tune out the noise in the Quite areas employees can engage in heads-down work while keeping an eye on the bustling activity outside; as the expectation that mobility increases we are increasingly empowered conduct our business from wherever we feel is appropriate however the benefits of connection and collaboration in our work persist meaning a well-designed Workspace that meets those needs is now more important than ever the places we work must make it easier for our people to access one another whether they are side by side or across continents.

Our Future workplace exciting new options for how and where you want to work you.

Farewell to the run-of-the-mill office

The times when employees spent their entire working lives drudging away on black chairs in whitewashed rooms with colorless carpeting, table by table, will soon be a thing of the past in many sectors. And cubicles with their inescapable associations of laying battery and cage system housing are also petering out.

At least in companies that go with the times and take the time to design the new work environment, the significant changes are noticed. In the rarest cases they have a clear idea of where the evolution of office work will take them and the resulting individual office design. We have been dedicating ourselves to this issue for over 10 years by now, and can support our clients in this important area.

The times are changing

An office is a place where many people congregate every day. Its facilities and structure have a great effect on the present and future staff, their dedication and cooperation. Much is in motion. What has also greatly changed are the workplace requirements and ways of working together – there are more and more mobile teams, open office concepts, etc. Companies interested in particularly coveted high achievers will provide suitable environments enabling them to optimally involve themselves and make their contribution.

Clear advantages for enterprises

The office as a world where staff can flourish? Life is not all guns and roses, you might say. And yes, companies are economically oriented to be able to exist. Those that invest will expect a good ratio of benefits to cost, that is alright. Thought-through offices will also satisfy this criterion. Here follow some benefits in key points:

Staff recruitment: Employers like to hire the best. And if they want to be attractive for the best young talent, especially, they will offer them more than just a salary in future.

Staff satisfaction: Identification with the company reduces fluctuations and has a positive effect on the personal commitment. The rigid nine-to-five week and separation of work and leisure are about to dissolve. Attractive employers allow their staff to enjoy a good work-life balance.

Performance: This kind of environment will support the creativity, motivation and communication of every employee, also in their teamwork, and thus the efficiency and productivity. The ergonomic workplaces of today are not just about mere adherence to directives. All this makes the work easier, reduces the stress and is healthier, which also minimizes sick leave.

What counts is an office for everyone

This is not about some show-off office in a hypermodern style, but the design of functional workspaces that cater to the company, its strategy and culture, as much as the staff. The aspects needing to be paid their deserved attention for an ideal workplace design in offices also include the following:


The evolution of the workplace serves to improve the teamwork. The right conditions for this are e.g. provided by centrally positioned coffee tables and other informal meeting areas. These spaces promote encounters and give our clients’ staff room for exchanging their thoughts and information. Which will be easier in a dynamic environment featuring a selection of variously sized team areas and technical facilities. Instead of needing to repair to the toilet or squeeze into the small kitchenette for confidential conversations, as is the case in many companies, a space should also be provided for this.


Sitting or standing? Nothing is unhealthier than spending the entire working day seated, which has been known for years. Close to the colleagues or rather with a little bit more privacy? Sedentary or nomads? Good that there is wheeled furniture, should it be required, along with other options for the corresponding flexibility.

Constant availability and focussed work

Offices are becoming smarter, more responsive and mobile, while the people in them will interact to an ever-greater degree. Immediate coordination and networking are becoming ever more important in the world of work. Our workplace concepts of the next generation also cater to the growing share of mobile teams and an optimal use of spaces for this. A lot of what is still the reserve of individualists today will be standard in the future.

But: Mobile and networked are not always the equivalent of public – which is why noise-insulated, quiet workplaces are needed. Focussed work is becoming ever more difficult. Telephones ring, one mail after the other demands the attention that was just to be dedicated to another issue. Of great help here are quiet workplaces that shut out the noise so that employees can concentrate on their work while keeping an eye on the busy activities in the other spaces.


Many understand mobility as being available and able to work just about anywhere and at all times. The work environment to be created needs to facilitate cooperation between all the staff, irrespective of whether they are sitting next to each other or on different continents. A positive side effect: While many used to think of the home office as the only option for undisturbed work in the past, employees tend to prefer this kind of office now.

A forward-looking approach

Many developments are already in sight, while others can at best be surmised. What is certain is that spaces will become ever more intelligent in the future. One hence needs to remain open to favourable developments without thoughtlessly following every trend.

Only then…

First, we look into the complex requirements, and when we know who works and communicates how – whether spontaneous interaction, secluded concentration or a virtual community are most helpful –  we will devise a fitting concept.

Our team will support you in all project phases for an office that meets the requirements and will benefit all the parties involved – the client, users and employees. For a short overview, simply contact Armin Schenker at +49 30/ 84176710.

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