Bringing people together to create something new as a team

My name is Martin Otte,

and as the founder of OPM GmbH, I have been dedicating myself to project management in industrial and special construction undertakings for over 20 years. In doing so, I think of myself as a catalyst for successful projects, and have specialized in its development and orientation.

Therefore, I accompany and support teams in their sustainable and self-reliant cooperation. To make this work, I deeply immerse myself in the task at hand, and make it my own. This helps me support teams in organizations and new joint ventures in the development and realization of their own project, developing suitable tools with them and supporting their application.

To work with large groups in a yet unknown solution space is particularly interesting for me. To work on solutions were shear forces come into play, in order to develop suitable structures for the project out of them, is demanding and fulfilling. Instead of reproducing processes from blueprints,

I only recommend what I am personally convinced of: The things my team and me have thought through and scrutinized.

Let’s become acquainted.