Commissioning, Handover, and Test Operations

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Integration, Ramp-up & Operation ยป Commissioning, Handover, and Test Operations

The hot phase begins – handover and commissioning are probably the most active and interactive phases of your construction project. When the contractors and suppliers of the various trades and industries are almost ready, the “end product” quickly takes shape. The interfaces and interactions between the different aspects of the project come into focus.

There are now a number of tasks to complete:

  • Coordination of contract results
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Manage installations
  • Providing space Managing the interfaces between building and equipment

In this critical phase of project development, it is important to maintain a clear and well-organized overview of project progress and challenges. Given the high level of interaction and the tight timeframe, even seemingly minor disruptions can have a major impact on the progress of the project.

Therefore, we have adapted our methods and tools based on our many years of experience so that the challenges of the commissioning and handover phase can be solved in line with the progress of the project.

Agile project management has therefore become indispensable: The intensity of communication between the various project participants is increasing – everyone must be closely networked. If a problem arises, it can be identified as quickly as possible and addressed and solved immediately. Our agile PM tools and methods ensure that the right information gets to the right people. Schedules are created so that the right people are in the right place at the right time. Contracts and specifications are tracked and managed in such a way that the team on site knows what deliverables have been agreed and can check their fulfillment.

But will the factory as a whole – building and equipment – meet all the requirements? OPM’s approach is: Let’s try it out!

Test operation is the link between the construction of the buildings, the installation of the operating equipment and the subsequent ramp-up of production. Test operation must be scheduled in such a way that sufficient time is available to identify potential problems at an early stage and resolve them before the start of production.

Therefore, the project team is closely networked with the installers. With the involvement of future users and operators, the prepared test programs are run through, and problems are solved in the “small official way”. In addition, the users and operators gain important initial experience in handling the new systems. In this way, commissioning can begin with as little risk as possible.

We have already helped many projects get off to a good start in production. Want to know how? Armin Schenker will be happy to advise you on +49 (30) 16 63 97 62.

Your Contact

Armin Schenker

+49 (30) 16 63 97 62