Nobody knows what will be needed, but everyone wants to have it right know? The User Requirement Specification process enhances teamwork, decision-making and condenses the relevant to what is really important.

Management Services

Unsufficient organisation and unclear tendering documents? Who is too late will be punished by costs, schedule and reduced quality. What to do?

The need for better BIM

Imagine a living model of your project that provides you with an overview of every process – at every stage. Welcome to the future of the building sector.

Integration & Operation

You think a smooth integration and production process will never work? Too many frictions in the design and test phase? We can give a hand.


One step ahead with industrial buildings

Just setting an objective doesn ‘t work anymore to successfully realise a project. An integrative planning approach with manageable information optimises the planning process and enables teams of different disciplines to implement optimal and tailored solutions.

Test Facilities

From the outside they often look like a building, but test facilities are sophisticated electro-mechanical systems on a building size scale. The effective planning and management of a test facility project requires specialized knowledge for both building and equipment.

How to design the workplace of the future

Say goodbye to the run-of-the-mill office –  our team will help you in every concept phase, for an office that fits the exspectations and that benefits all stakeholders – client, user and employee. 




ilmCon supports us in the development and implementation of our software solutions and is a subsidiary of OPM.

Sustainable Facility Management strategies and operation concepts – Together with our long-staying partner immovement we develop these individually tailored to your core business and the intended use of the property.


When providing management support on JV projects, OPM manages to create an open and balanced atmosphere for both partner firms.

What stands out is that OPM, together with the involved firms, form one overall team unit; a team in which they are not competing with the existing skills of the firms, but instead seek to fill in any deficits with their own vast experience of JV projects and the design of MRO facilities. A major role was played by OPM’s clearly structured approach; in which the project team was granted the scope to explore design possibilities whilst also successfully adhering to very stringent time schedules and confirmed deadlines.

Klaus-Ulrich Lemmer

Projekt leader, MTU Aero Engines

OPM helped us to keep good control of the project economy, time line and quality through out the whole project.

OPM had the daily control on site which made it possible for us to not being present on-site every day.

Rena Flåteteigen Kløvstad

Project leader, Statsbygg

In the development of MRO projects, OPM gets right to the heart of the relevant issues and topics. I was impressed by OPM’s clear and methodical approach to the development of projects, and their professional input in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) schemes. With this, OPM played a key role in the success of the project. The outstanding moderation of external workshops – particularly in joint venture projects – invariably led us to the best solution in a highly enjoyable and creative working atmosphere.

Projekt leader Lufthansa Technik of the process and layout department for the joint venture projects with General Electric and MTU Aero Engines in 2015 and 2016.

Hans- Heinrich Burmeister

Project leader, Lufthansa Technik AG

Bringing people together to create something new as a team

My name is Martin Otte – as the founder of OPM GmbH, I have been dedicating myself to project management in industrial and special construction undertakings for over 20 years. In doing so, I think of myself as a catalyst for successful projects, and have specialized in its development and orientation.

Let’s become acquainted.