Collaboration with Taylor’s University

On 21st August 2023, OPM visited Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus in Malaysia, marking an important day for both the organization and the educational institution. The visit, organized by Bruce Lee Xia Sheng, Senior Lecturer and Virtual Design and Construction Lead at the School of Architecture, Building and Design (SABD), highlighted the university’s facilities and academic environment.

The tour included a visit to the VORTEX XR Lab, co-directed by Bruce Lee Xia Sheng. This provided an overview of the university’s technological capabilities and opened discussions for potential collaborations. The lab’s focus on extended reality (XR) technologies in digital construction aligns with OPM’s aim to implement cutting-edge technologies to improve construction processes, sustainability, and efficiency.

This visit marks the beginning of a promising collaboration between OPM and Taylor’s University, focusing on collaborative research, knowledge exchange, and the use of advanced digital tools in construction.

Looking ahead, a series of public seminars, forums, and academic visits are planned. These events aim to deepen the exchange of knowledge between industry professionals, academics, and students, furthering the discussion on digital construction and BIM and paving the way for new solutions and advancements.

As developments continue, the construction industry looks forward to the innovations this collaboration will bring, aiming for a future that is more efficient and sustainable.

Image Sources: Taylor’s University Official Website