DLR e. V. HBK5

As part of a technology partnership between ALSTOM and Rolls-Royce plc, a unique high-pressure combustion chamber test bench is being built at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne. The aim of the test stand, which was developed in a joint venture, is to further increase the performance of combustion chambers and, at the same time, to significantly reduce exhaust gas and noise emissions from turbines. In the new high-pressure combustion chamber test stand (HBK5), combustion chamber tests are carried out that contribute to the development of future generations of aircraft engines and power plant turbines.

What services have we provided?

  • Creation of the User Needs Program (NBP) using our NBP methodology.
  • Joint venture project management for a partner
  • Legal project management
  • Project management for the building (DLR) Building Information Management (BIM)

What made us stand out? What were the particular challenges?

  • Mediation between the project partners
  • Linking private turnkey (equipment) and public construction law VOB and VO/F (buildings)
  • Structuring change management
  • Crisis management

Facts and Figures

Duration: 2011-2015

Client: DLR mit Industriepartner ALSTOM und Rolls-Royce plc.

Location: Köln, Deutschland

BGF: 2.300 m²

Investment: 60 Mio. Euro

Services: URS, project development, project management building, BIM