Lufthansa Technik AG has converted the former paint shop (Building 391) at its base in Hamburg into a maintenance and overhaul hangar for VIP aircraft. In the process, the old painting facilities were largely dismantled. The conversion work also involved a move within the LHT base, with around 600 employees swapping their old working environment for 160 high-quality and flexible open-plan offices.

What services have we provided?

  • Office needs analysis, user needs program (NBP)
  • Development and coordination of a new workplace concept with employees
  • Negotiation and moderation between the works council and management
  • Owner representation
  • Project management Change management/contract management

What made us stand out? What were the particular challenges?

  • Conversion during ongoing operation
  • Mediation between employees and conversion team
  • Development of a unique and forward-looking office and workplace concept as an open space with high quality and design standards

Facts and Figures

Duration: 2012-2014

Client: Lufthansa Technik AG

Location: Hamburg, Deutschland

BGF: 12.000 m²

Investment: 9 Mio. Euro netto

Services: Office needs analysis, project management, change management